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"Don’t settle! Guard your heart - because it’s a precious thing - and not everyone deserves to hold on to it. Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone tell you that your standards are too high."

— Bethany Joy Lenz (via synthiat)

Word of the Day: Gaumless

GAWM-lis  , adjective;

1. lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy.


A little chuckle shook the Major, but he saidregretfully: "Nay, I’m too gaumless .”

 Georgette Heyer, The Unknown Ajax 1959

"Did I ever look so stupid: so ’ gaumless ,’ as Josephcalls it?” "Worse," I replied, "because more sullenwith it.”
 Emily Brontė, Wuthering Heights 1847
Gaumless I reckon he was. When I saw I wasn’tgetting any of his gasper I left him there.
 Jeremy Gavron, The Book of Israel 2002
A variant spelling of gormless gaumless  firstappeared in English in the mid-1700s from the now-outdated British term gome When combined withthe suffice -less  the word literally means "devoid of understanding.”

"If you are a teenager, I don’t envy you your pain, but I do see the amazing opportunity you have to change the environment around you. Your parents aren’t perfect, no one is, and if they didn’t teach you to be kind then teach yourself. Take responsibility for your own words, thoughts and actions and make this world a better place than what has been left to you. Please. We have to start somewhere."

— Bethany Joy Lenz (via waltzingwithfire)

FYCD: Spring Break Challenge!



Create an entirely new, original character- in one week.

They can be from an existing narrative, they can be part of a new project, they can be someone without a home yet that you’ll keep the designs of for a bit until you find a place for them. 

The point is to practice character design and development within a short time frame. Crunch time is best time to level up in skills.

(PS animals totally count. I think some machinery would technically count too. Anything with enough character to hold a picture book on their own is legitimate).

At the end of the week, post a character bio/design drawing/etc with what you have to your blog, and tag it in our tag (#promptsfromahat). I’ll probably either reblog some or make a masterlist with links.

The week starts when you want it to. 

It’s on the honor system whether you did it in a week or not, because I don’t know your life. 

THE RULES: Are made up.

THE POINTS: Don’t matter.

Good luck. May the character development be in your favor. 


Do you ever just finish reading a book and feel completely destroyed?

I’m going to drop out of reality and become a fictional character.

Word of the Day: Jackanapes

\JAK-uh-neyps\ , noun:

1. An impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man; whippersnapper.

2. An impudent, mischievous child.

3. Archaic. An ape or monkey.


I blame those jackanapes on the council…
— George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire

The long-established practitioners, Mr Wrench and Mr Toller, were just now standing apart and having a friendly colloquy, in which they agreed that Lydgate was a jackanapes, just made to serve Bulstrode’s purpose.
— George Eliot, Middlemarch


Jackanapes is a circuitous eponym. In the 1300s, it literally meant “jack of the apes” and was the nickname of William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, whose badge was an ape’s clog and chain. The word acquired the sense of “mischievous boy” two hundred years later.